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Too Much Or Too Good? Inspired or Just Tired?

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Are you hooked on all the latest TV reality / renovation shows?

At Holy Funk it can be a love hate relationship, but we often get bothered by the ‘too much’ factor. We think rather than three different wall papers and six lime feature walls to enhance a space, you should take the time to furnish your home and draw inspiration from the unusual and unconventional.

Looking for individual pieces that reflect your life and personal experiences will provide invaluable satisfaction and pride.

Clutter can be good. That doll from Peru or that old photo of nana on the shelf – add something display showrooms lack - life and passion.

Most of the clutter that fills my industrial shelves is a treasure trove of years living overseas. Each time I’d bring home little objects from all over the world that remind me of my journey through Western China, Africa or South America. Little red Chairman Mao clocks, a China Post bicycle, a Tanzanian licence plate, and a Fitzroy Football Club hat from the 80’s –to name a few.

Don’t rush your style, be yourself and let your life lead your home design.

At Holy Funk we aim to express our personality into our showroom in Moorabbin. Drop by for a nostalgic experience and see how that one unique piece might liven up a place – but whatever you do, don’t rush your decisions. Deciding what you like and what makes you happy can take time. No need to buy everything at once. That’s why we think those TV renovations look like display rooms rather than loved and lived in home spaces. Quality styling is like a fine wine. Not one visit to a major furniture retailer. And one lime green feature wall.

Have fun creating your dream home and remember, the story behind the product is often more important the the item itself.